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coding artist

Video courses for developers who see the web as their canvas

coding artist

The Story Behind

Coding Artist

Hey there! I’m Mike Mangialardi, a survivor of impostor syndrome and a current coding artist.

I know what it’s like to step into learning web development and being overwhelmed with deciding on a specific skill or language to focus on.

I am now here to share what I’ve learned through my journey and help people harness their talent in frontend development with an emphasis on design and creativity.

Head over to our course catalog to start your journey of becoming a coding artist.

coding artist

Power Up With Pure CSS Images & Vue.js to Make Fun Apps

The perfect course to learn the basics of Vue.js.

Course Distinctives

– No Assumptions
– No Mindless Typing
– Start With The Basics
– Progress With Projects
– Available Help & Communication

coding artist

Unleash Your Inner Artist