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Daily CSS Images Email Challenge

100% free, 50-day challenge where you receive a drawing prompt to make with CSS

The Purrrfect Way to Practice

CSS images are really fun, but it’s way more than that. By working with pure CSS images, developers can practice core design skills and designers can practice core CSS skills.

Here’s How It Works

Sign Up and Receive Tons of Resources to Get Started

You get everything you need to get started including videos, guides, examples, a portfolio template, and more.

Get a Drawing Prompt Each Weekday

From monsters to superheroes to cute animals, there’s a fresh theme each week.

Get Inspired and Create

Become animated with creativity and create your CSS image using Codepen.

Share for Feedback and Promotion

You share each image on Twitter with #dailycssimages for likes and retweets. You will also be given access to our Facebook group for even more discussion, feedback, and promotion.

Be Selected for the Weekly Showcase

Each week we put together a showcase of the best of the best that gets sent out to our entire mailing list. It’s a great way to stay motivated.

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